Phi Phi. The Island Leo loves.

First of all I need point out that we almost didn’t head to Phi Phi. We had heard very mixed reviews of the place, but we had come all this way so couldn’t really miss this island off our list. Also it was our decision to make our mind up about the place.

After a restless sleep we were up just before 7am to get the first boat over to the island. With already some negativity in our minds we parted way with our first island on to the next. Once we arrived it already had a different vibe to koh Lanta. We wondered away from the pier a place to stay for the night. We already knew everywhere would be more expensive compared to the other places we had been.  We found a place a bit further out near the walk to the view point. It had Wi-Fi and more importantly a private bathroom. If there was to be a repeat performance from last night, then I wanted it to be in private!  After dumping the bags and trying to let our sweat dry we discovered the walls were paper thin, the toilet didn’t really flush, so nothing, nothing at all went down for ages. Oh and the tap didn’t work. This was the most expensive place we had stayed so far at a full £16 a night. If we got a beach and two pools for £11 in Koh Lanta, I wonder what £16 would have gotten us. Definitely a toilet that flushes!!

Once we thought the sweat had become less of a waterfall we were ready to head out.  We thought we would go to the view point first. The first part is some sort of joke staircase that never seems to end. I thought the altitude was about to change. The stairs had caused us to be completely out of breath. Once you reach the top of the stairs you pay a small entrance fee of 30 Baht and there is the first of two viewpoints. The first was amazing. We did have to stop for a bit as we were so out of breath. We got talking to a man who had only broken into a slight sweat. We discovered that this man, who only broke a slight sweat, compared us, who were drenched in sweat was 92 years of age! A 92 year old man was in a far better shape than either of us. We then went on to look for the second view point, which was sign posted as a 5 minute walk. This is a total lie. It was around a 15 minute climb. This was like base camp of Everest. It was totally worth it when we reached the top though.  You could see how beautiful the Island really was. Sadly staying on a more quiet part of the island was just too much out of our budget. I totally see why people love it here. We are just dead boring and would much rather eat an obscene amount then get so full we have to go for a lie down, than go on a night out.

After the incredible view point we went for a wonder. We encountered a girl ask outside a restaurant “If they served avocado”, one guy in a vest become extremely excited because he saw a sign for a gym. Then had to listen (we had no other option as they were yelling at each other across the table) to some very annoying Canadians. We did have a lovely Pandang curry while we had to listen to them shouting so that helped.  After lunch were just both drenched in sweat again and couldn’t be bothered to do anything. So headed by to our 5 star resort. Even with the fan on it was almost unbearable. We relaxed for a bit then went for another wonder. We found a great roof top bar, and even better it was happy hour. So we enjoyed a few cocktails and watched the sun set. It totally redeemed the rest of the day.

We didn’t decide to go one of the trips that visits the bay where The Beach is filmed, as I’ve only heard it is covered in tourists. I don’t want to ruin what I have in my mind of it. Also this is just where the it was filmed not based on. So I know we are going to get to visit just as equally breath taking beaches along our travels.

We didn’t need any more time on the island, as it had more on offer for other travellers just not for us. So we got our transfer over to Koh Pangan booked for the next day. It was so loud and hot that it was pretty hard to sleep. Then around 7am the party goers came back so that was our alarm sorted. It reminded me of when Christabel and I went to Ayia Napa and we got in at 8am, but had to be up at 10am to check out. We still hadn’t packed and had the water from the vile pool water from River Reggae in our hair. I could hack getting in at that time then. I’d probably struggle now.

As we were leaving to check out and head down to the pier, I did the only thing I could possibly to when being woke up at 7am by people returning from a night out… Slam the door very loudly as we left the room.


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