Koh Lanta.

Today we were off to Koh Lanta. We had seen a place that offered a transfer for 350 Bht. It included a pick up from our current accommodation and drop off in Koh Lanta as well as the boat over.  So great value.  We got picked up and taken to a tourist and ticket place. We would then be picked up from here to be taken over to Koh Lanta. There were other people being dropped off here.  Some were heading to Bangkok or even as far as Singapore and others were heading to Koh Lanta as well. There was one guy who was travelling with his girlfriend, who seemed lovely. The guy on the other hand was one of the biggest C U Next Tuesdays I’ve ever come across, and believe me I’ve met a fair few. We were just happy waiting for the connecting bus over. Chilling and reading our kindles. About 3 minutes after the rough leaving time we had been given, he got up picked up his bags and asked when we would be leaving. The happy man who worked there said it would be soon. He was huffing and puffing. Who cares if you run a bit late. It’s not like he had a flight to catch. We are in a beautiful country, no need to get wound up about running a few minutes late. The longer we had to wait the more frustrated he got.  He really wound us up. For the first time since we have been away something has annoyed us.  At one point he even said the following “I’ve seen 5 year olds run a  better ship than this”. Eughh I wish I had said something. We literally left 30 minutes late. I’d been speaking with his girlfriend before and she said they had already been to Cambodia and Vietnam. So he will have been going around being this much of a tit in all these other incredible places. I feel bad for anyone else who had had to encounter that vile human.  Even when we set off he was moaning that the driver was going too slowly. We couldn’t take any more so put our headphones in and drowned him out with Ricky Gervais podcasts. This not only managed to block him out, but made the journey go much faster.

We then took the car ferry over and got dropped off on the main road close to where our Bungalows were. Luckily the douche was staying on different part of the island. I hope we never meet him or anyone else like him again on our travels.

Our home for the next few days was a place called Lanta new Bungalows. It was  on the beach, had two pools, one which overlooked the ocean and only set us back £11 a night. Once we had dumped our bags we grabbed a beer from the bar and watched the sun set.  We couldn’t be bothered to venture too far for food, so just went to the nearest place. I had the best beef in oyster sauce I’ve ever had. I actually just want to bathe in Thai food!


The next day we got up and went to the pool to relax and do nothing all day. We haven’t really had much time out yet, as we are either arriving, exploring or leaving somewhere. We were only by the pool from about 10am until 12.30pm and we had both really badly caught the sun. As I have NF1 my skin is quite sensitive and can get really patchy sun burn. I had a wavy pattern down my leg, even though it had been covered in sun cream.  We then went for a walk along the beach to look for some shade and lunch. It’s absolutely blissful to enjoy a meal looking out on to the ocean.  After lunch we went back to the bungalows and went to the other pool which was more in the shade. That evening we didn’t do much. After having some food, we just drank beer and watched Sex And The City in bed.


After checking out of our bungalow we took a Tuk Tuk down to Saladan, which is near the pier. Which has easy access to Phi Phi.  The place we had booked for the night only cost us £6. We had a basic room with fan and shared bathroom. The woman who ran it was so lovely and helpful and helped us arrange moped hire. While we waited for the bike to be dropped off we went to take our laundry to be done. When we came back our bike was waiting for us. I was Feeling slightly nervous, as  I am a massive wimp.   We set off for an explore around the island. It was lovely to see the non touristy parts.

When we reached the old town, which is the East part of the island. We realised how hot it was. Driving in the breeze you can’t tell. I knew then I would come away with a red part of my body by the end of the day. (It was my shoulders!) The old town was lovely and much quieter than the other parts we had seen. There were loads of restaurants which were on the water front. The original plan was to just stop by for a cold drink, but as we are massive fatties we had some food as well. After the meal we jumped back on the bike and drove around the island some more. We drove down to the South West part of the Island, where we stopped and had a drink on the beach. We then headed back to the North part of the Island, where we were staying. We past some street food stalls so stopped by for a look and something (else) to eat.

We then drove back and chilled before collecting our laundry. Washed, dried and folded for around £2! We then grabbed some food and encountered our first bad meal while away. The food was bland and the rice was all stuck together. Definitely not fresh like all the other food. I would learn later in the night, that this food did not agree with me!! How lucky I was that this was the first place we were staying with a shared toilet. Lp1020636


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