Koh Phangan- Food, Roosters and Rain.

Today we were bidding farewell to Phi Phi and our second Island in Thailand. On to Koh Phangan. The Island most people go to for the full moon party. Koh Phangan is on the west cost of Thailand, so to get there from our current location, this involved a ferry, a bus journey across the mainland, then a second boat. The first leg of the journey was fine. The ferry and bus journey didn’t seem to drag too much. As we were getting closer to the coast the weather started to change. No more bright skies. Rain and wind met us as we boarded the second ferry of the day.  This would take us from the main land over to Koh Phangan.  We then embarked on the longest and most terrifying boat journey of my life. The water was really choppy, so the boat was rocky, really rocky.  Myself and several other people on the boat spent a good part of the horrific journey with our heads over the toilet bowl. Even Sam said later he thought the boat was going to capsize.

Once we had finally arrived to safe land, we took what Google maps had said to be a 20 minute walk to our bungalows. We did get slightly lost on the way, due to the roads being pitch black. So in all we wondered for about 40 minutes with our rucksacks trying to find the place. By daylight the next day the place was much more obvious on the road. We were staying in a place called Cosy Bungalows which is in Thong Sala, the main port town of the Island. We had a huge concrete bungalow, which looked like it had just been built. The only issue was there was no ventilation, so it felt quite damp. Something I didn’t get used to our entire stay.  On the plus side, the location wasn’t too bad and we had a hammock on our porch. Oh and hot water!

The next day we had a bit of a wonder around. We headed back to the pier. The walk minus the backpacks was much easier.  We spotted where the Thong Sala night market takes place. Hundreds of food stalls! Our dream come true. We knew we would be back later to sample a few of its many dishes. The rest of the afternoon was spent chilling out on our porch and hammock. The football was on later, so we didn’t head out till about 9pm as was a 4pm UK kick off. By the time we reached the market, a few of the stalls were already closing. So we didn’t get to see  it had to offer in full. A good reason to revisit the next day.  We still managed to have some Dim Sum, Spring rolls and a chicken skewer.  That still hadn’t cured our hunger. So we went on the search for some street food. We found a place with lots of outside seating, busy with locals. A great place for people watching. A lot of the locals bring along their own bottles of whiskey and just order the soda water and ice from the restaurant. No corkage fee out here!  For 10pm on a Sunday it was pretty busy. I guess they didn’t have too many worries of being hungover in work the next morning.

We still had some time to kill before the kick-off so went to find a bar for drink before the game. We found small place. The girl on the bar said we could either sit at the bar, or one of the seats in front of it, or if we wanted we could join her and her bother. Who was sat drinking on the other side of the bar to us. We of course chose to sit with them.  Her brother seemed pretty wasted by the time we got there, but they were both really funny. He was feeding Sam shots of his tequila. Then lip synched to “See you again” while looking into his eyes. It was a shame we had to leave to watch the game, as it could have been the start to a beautiful relationship.

The game was good because City beat Arsenal 2-1, a win for city at long last.

We then headed back to where we were staying in Thong Sala as we were due to skype Sam’s Dad for his birthday. It was lovely to have a catch up with them. We ordered a box of wine for a birthday present. So that should last his parents at least 2 days.  Sam’s parents love a glass of white wine. When I met them for the first time I was given very generous pouring’s. I thought I might die of a hangover the next day!

After the skype call we went for another wonder on the bike. We then went to the food market. It was much busier this time. There was a stall that sold bugs, such as crickets and grasshoppers. The man on the stall let me try them all. We bought some grasshoppers, but after the first few I decided that they weren’t the bugs for me. We had driven past a load of other food stalls and markets earlier that day, so headed there to get some other food besides bugs. There wasn’t really anything we fancied on the food front, but had a look at the market stalls. I got some traveller pants. So I can now look like every other person we walk past. I did really want a pair though, and will be ideal to wear when we have long bus journeys or when we visit temples, so I am covered up. As our hunger wasn’t cured  we decided to head back to the other food market, for the third time in two days. When we got back to our bike we thought someone had stolen Sam’s helmet. We were freaking out until we realised we were at the wrong bike.

After returning the bike we checked out our huge, but damp bungalow. We then got a taxi bus over to Haad Rin. We had 3 nights booked at Coral Bungalows. This is the place everyone stays at when it’s a full moon party. As there wasn’t one on when we were there, they had really cheap rates. The 3 nights only cost us 900 Baht, so about £6/7 a night. We were on the beach and it had a pool. After checking in we  went  for a wonder and got caught in a massive down pour. It was insane. There was so much water it created a river. We were stuck on the steps of a 7- Eleven.  No ham and cheese toasties this time though.

We both had a terrible sleep. There was a bloody rooster or as Carrie Bradshaw called them “roof chickens” going off all night. It would not shut up. I thought they only did it in the mornings. Then when the rain came down it sounded like the roof was going to fall in. I then heard a couple having a huge argument, the girl was kicking off big time. In the morning I asked Sam if he had heard them too. Well I must have fallen asleep before the “argument” had reached its climax. As Sam said it definitely wasn’t an argument. Just one sided on her part. I’m surprised she didn’t get distracted by the Rooster.

The weather was vile so we ate crisps in bed and watched The Holiday. Great Christmas film. The Mr Napkin head bit gets my brother every time.

There was a pool party taking place where we were staying that night, as we hadn’t been our yet we decided to give it a go. We went early on as we wanted to get our buckets at the happy hour price. As we were there so early it was pretty dead, and not going to pick up till after midnight. So we decided to be boring and just go home to bed.

Our last day was very uneventful; we just chilled by the pool and went for some food and booked our transfer over to Koh Samui.


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