Koh Samui- Christmas Day, A Murder, A Tattoo and lots of driving back and fourth.

Firstly, sorry for the huge gap between blogs, hopefully I will be able to keep more on top of it. I didn’t realise putting time aside from doing, well nothing to write would be so hard. I’m still a few days behind on my journal, but will hopefully catch up on that too. As I write this we are well ahead of the Blog (It’s probably even a month behind L).  I’m enjoying reminiscing on the different adventures we’ve had so far as I write though.

Also this blog might get a bit tedious as it’s the longest one so far. Sorry if I bore you along the way. Maybe read in two parts so I don’t put you to sleep.

Koh Samui

Today we were heading across to Koh Samui. The boat over to the island only takes around an hour. You can actually see it from Koh Phangan. On the boat over there were a few guys who had clearly been to the half moon party. Which take place in the jungle. They were still covered in UV paint and one guy was dressed like Mr Motivator, but more day  glo, and with a bright bum bag.

Once off the boat, we got a taxi transfer to our hotel. We were staying in a place called Samui Lagoon bay. My mum and dad had paid for the stay as a Christmas gift (Thanks mum & dad).  We were right on the beach and had a huge room with air con. It makes such a difference compared to a fan.  Once we had had some food we spent the rest of the afternoon by the pool. That night we headed to the local night market, which sold a range of seafood, Thai dishes as well as fake handbags and cheap cocktails.

This is the largest of all the Thai islands, it even has its own airport. So to get around we were defiantly going to need a bike. The walk from one end of our resort to the other is long enough journey alone. We spent a lot of time on our bike heading back and forth for Lamai, which is about a  25 minute drive away. We got to know the route over pretty well during our time on the island.

We went for a bit of a reccy, to see if we would want to stay there after we had to check out our Christmas accommodation.  Also I found a tattoo studio I wanted to get a tattoo from, so we headed there to look for that too.

After driving though Lamai, we knew we didn’t need to come back and stay as it was very similar to the resort we were already in. We did however stumble across the tattoo studio I was looking for. Unfortunately the artist wasn’t there when we popped in. So we jumped back on the bike and went to explore further afield.   We headed to a place called Boput or also known as Fisherman’s village. It really reminded us of the old town in Koh Lanta, just everything cost twice as much. It was very sleepy and chilled out. It seemed to run at a different pace to the rest of the island. The shops here sold lovely trinkets I wanted to buy to fill our home with, then I remembered that our home was no longer ours (it’s in very safe hands) and our home for the foreseeable future was whichever guesthouse, bungalow, hostel or hotel we found ourselves in for the night. We would have loved to stay there, but it just seemed a bit too expensive for what it was. A basic fan room here was x3 the price that we paid in Haad Rin.

We couldn’t bare the sound of our tummies rumbling any more so headed back towards our “home” to look for a food stall.  Luckily it didn’t take too long as we were both stating to get hangry. We found a vendor in a car park of a Tesco (they actually have Tesco’s out here). It was a bit different to the burger van you might find in a Tesco car park in England. On the way back we got a bit lost, but it’s always fun as it means you get to see more of the island that way.

After relaxing in our glorious air con room for a bit we headed back to Lamai to see if Mr Tak the tattoo artist was there. Thankfully he was this time.  He asked if I had any ideas or designs, so I showed him two on my phone. He said okay and to come back tomorrow. Which was fine, as I wanted to get it done on Christmas day anyway. On the drive home we noticed a sign for a view point and waterfall. So headed in that direction. It cost us 100 baht each to see a basic waterfall, then climb for 10 minutes to see the view point, which was just a roof of a Tesco mega store. We were pretty disappointed.

Later that night we headed back to the night market and enjoyed some freshly caught Red Snapper. We then came back to get in the festive spirit by watching Elf

Happy Christmas!! Christmas day, didn’t really feel like Christmas Day. It felt extremely hot though.  I guess it doesn’t feel like Christmas as we are away from our families for the first time. It felt odd but not sad. It just felt like another day of the year to us. One important tradition we wanted to keep, was to make sure we ate lots of food, just like we would have done back home. We really wanted Banana pancakes for breakfast. There are just as many stalls selling fruit shakes and pancakes as there are Tuk Tuks. That morning however, we couldn’t find a pancake stall for love or money. They clearly come out later in the day and not at 9am.  We drove around  for ages looking for one. We finally admitted defeat and went to treat ourselves to a Ham and cheese toastie from 7-Eleven .  I say treated, we pretty much eat them most days, but I’m not sure they sell them in any of the other counties we will be visiting, so we had to make the most of them.  I mean, we love our food, any food. We are more than happy to try pretty much any local cuisine. We won’t be eating any other western food out here. There is just something about these toasties.

For the first day in a while, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. A Christmas miracle. So we spent the morning in the sea, Christmas in style.  After relaxing in the lovely Christmas day heat we headed back to Lamai to the tattoo studio. Mr Lak, had designed two ideas for me. I literally had shown him the two ideas/designs on my phone for seconds. He had come up with two beautiful ideas. One of which was far better than I could have even imagined. It was exactly what I wanted. The only downside was he was in the middle of working on someone else so we had to come back again later on. I was already getting bored of this drive back and forth from Cheweng to Lamai.

We grabbed some lunch on the way home then had some family Skype time, which was lovely. It was lovely getting to see our families and see and hear what they were up to on their Christmas days. I don’t think anyone was that keen to hear I was getting a tattoo though.  Then for the fourth time, we drove back over to Lamai for my tattoo with Mr Tak. It was a great Christmas gift from me, to me. So now I have a beautiful arrow with shaded feather on the end on the top of my left ribcage.


The demise/murder of a snake- Warning contains actual snake murder. 

Today we were the witnesses to a snake murder. As we were leaving to buy some beer we spotted a snake just outside the room next to ours. The snake was slim but around 12”. That’s a footlong subway! So when we got back from the shop and it was still there, Sam bravely informed the notified the security guard.  He had no idea what we were on about, and pointed at the reception. So we informed the woman. We weren’t sure if it was dangerous or not. She passed the message on and the security guard. He went off, to what we thought would be to get a device to move it on. Nope. He came back with a huge plank of wood and bashed that footlong snake in its head. We had to just turn away at this point. We were scared as we didn’t know if it was poisonous (it could have been) but we didn’t need him to be hit in the head with a plank of wood. It was Christmas day, a day of giving. Not snake murder. Then he got it on the piece of wood and flicked it in to the hotel next door. RIP Mr Snake, we are sorry we are part to blame for your death.


We decided that we would go out, out tonight to celebrate Christmas, as we hadn’t really been out properly yet. We had a few cocktails from the night market at they were only around £2. We knew there was a big party on at a place called Ark Bar, which was the other end of Cheweng beach to us.  We wish we hadn’t though. One it took bloody ages and two I almost shit myself. Not in a I was scared way, in a I almost went to the toilet in my pants way (too much information?! Sorry I did want it to be an honest blog). When we finally reached Ark bar, we saw a row of bars across the road, so went to see if we could have a drink there first. Everyone was about 12 and it looked like a stag do down the strip in Malia. Lots and lots of vest and fancy dress. Then Sam got grabbed by a go go dancer. Excuse me hands off!!  When we made it to the beach where the Ark bar party was, it was playing some terrible trance and everyone was twisted, so we decided to just leave and walk back along the beach and go home. We were walking for ages until we realised there were no cut troughs, as all the hotels back on to the beach. We tried to get though one, thinking we would come out by a reception, but there was just a locked gate and we had no fob. So we wondered aimlessly back along the beach. After what felt like a lifetime we finally found a cut though back to the main road, not as far down as we had hoped, but still to where we recognised. Also we came out on the road right next to a pancake stall! Jackpot. It was many hours on since our breakfast craving. The craving however was still there. By this point we were pretty worse for wear. So attempting to order seem pretty difficult. Sam managed to somehow order us 3 pancakes, of which we couldn’t remember what we had just ordered until we saw the guy making them. As we had 3 but only needed two, Sam said we could give one to the security guard at the hotel as a treat. I on the other hand wanted to have one and half pancakes to myself. It was a good thing we ordered 3 as Sam managed to drop his all over the floor.


The next day (26th December) we were still unsure if we wanted to find somewhere else to stay on this island or just head straight to Koh Tao. We went to look at some other areas besides Lamai, which we had already been to about 20 times. While on the lookout for another potential area we somehow missed the turning point and ended up driving to pretty much the other side of the island. We decided it probably was time for us to move on. We were ready to see what the next island had on offer for us. So we decided to book the transfer over to Koh Tao. It meant we could just check out, then get picked up by the transfer taxi and taken over to the ferry. However we couldn’t leave koh Samui without one last trip to the night market.

Congratulations on making it to the end of this blog.  I hope it wasn’t too painful. I’ve never written a Blog before, so not sure what to add, or what I should probably keep out. The next one won’t be too far off.


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