Manchester to Bangkok -The adventure begins

First up. Sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes. Spell checker can only help me get so far. So here it is. The first of our travel blogs. We left Manchester Tuesday evening, not arriving in Bangkok until the following night.

The first leg of the journey was Manchester to Dubai. We flew with Emirates.  It’s probably the best flight I’ve ever been on. Loads of leg room.  Sadly Jennifer Andison didn’t come by and ask me to swap seats. I’ve always wanted to know what a spa shower looks like on an aeroplane. Maybe the next flight….. We were well fed and watered the full flight and the entertainment selection was vast. As we were leaving the plan the woman sat next to Sam was asking us about our journey and what we had planed. She asked if it was our gap year. God bless that woman for thinking we hadn’t started uni yet.

We then hit Dubai airport where we would take the second flight over to Bangkok. If you’ve never been to Dubai airport the only way I can describe it, is as some epic shopping center/futuristic theme park/the entrance to West world. I’ve never seen so many shops in one place. It was like the Trafford centre x 50. If this was the airport I’m not sure if I’d get on well with the rest of Dubai.

We had 1.45 mins till our next flight. Of which we spent almost an hour walking to our gate. By the time we had reached it. Our plane had already begun boarding. We even had to get a train at one point!

Once we had shown our boarding passes we took to our seats. This flight was half full so we had plenty of spare space. Again well fed and watered. Emirates are bloody great to fly with. After a 40 min nap and a viewing of Aladin. We were ready to land. Almost 24 hours after setting off.

Getting through immigration was really straight forward of but a bit slow. Once we had collected the largest rucksacks known to man we headed to the train for the last leg of the journey.

A train then a swap to the sky train and we were finally there. Sukhumvit! Is it bad that I laughed when I found out the name of the area we were staying in? Our hostel was less than 3 minutes from the sky strain station called Nana.

Suk 11 would be our resting point for the next few days. Our room was cheap. In a great location. Clean and private. All you could need as a traveler on a budget. After a quick cold shower  we headed for an explore.

If your ever in the need for a knuckle duster, a fake Chanel bag, Bridget Jones baby on DVD, some viagra and some incense then Bangkok is the place for you! Seeing all these lined up on one stall could solve all your problems.

Ahh my favourite part of the day and our trip so far. I encountered real Thai street food for the first time. I’m a huge fan of food full stop, but thai is up there as one of not my favourite kind of food. We found a little stall and pointed a photo on the menu of what we thought looked good. Moments later our soup arrived. I’ve ever eaten a soup with so many flavours before.  Less than  £1. I was already in love. I was already thinking when we could come back for more. However by this point we had already been awake over 38 hours. So we went back to try and tackle the jet lag…. which we failed miserably at as we were still awake at 1am. Then once sleep hit us. It hit us hard as we woke up at 2pm the next day.









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